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Friday, November 6, 2009


Biophilia-- it's a love, an affiliation for nature. This includes, plant life, animal life, even weather. It's a huge part of why I ride: to simply be OUTSIDE and let the weather affect me. When it's raining, I want to FEEL that it's raining. When the autumn chill sets in, I want to FEEL that on my cheeks, my nose. I don't want to move from one seventy degree box to another, I want to step outside and sear my lungs in the wintry air.

Did you know that it is estimated that Americans spend NINETY PERCENT of their time indoors? And that lack of sunlight is linked to depression, irritability, weight gain, alcohol abuse and migraines?

In post-operative patients, those that had a view of natural surroundings spent fewer days in the hospital than those that could only see a brick wall. 

Grass and greenery has been shown to reduce domestic violence, school truancy and road rage.

Outdoor runners are less anxious and depressed than those that run inside on treadmills-- and also experience higher levels of post-run endorphins, those natural feel-good brain chemicals.

So I know that it's getting wet and chilly-- but please, put on a jacket--

and get OUTSIDE!

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