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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

TransAm This and That

Instead of writing a post with a focused concept or a conclusion (though there are some still forming in my head), here are some random favorite photographs and moments.. that's kinda how my brain feels right now, and also, that's all I can do with a 30 minute time slot on a library computer!

After descending toward Ennis, MT-- we thought it looked like the Alps. So Mia, appropriately provided the tune:

HA HA. I got her!

If the conditions are right, we can kill a package of Chips Ahoy AND Donuts in ONE day.

In Montana, I acquired a sun shirt and a COWBOY HAT! The sun shirt not only provides great UV protection, but when on a bike, it circulates air and keeps me cool! The hat (only worn OFF the bike) keeps the sun off both my face and neck. It's a nice quality hat made of palm leaves rather than straw, so it's durable, weather-resistant and Just Darn Cool.

And sometimes, when you're in Grizzley Bear Country and you're afraid of being eaten in the night, there is a really nice family at the camp site next door who will let you sleep in the cab of their truck. :) (THANK YOU!!)

And when you need to wash just about EVERY SINGLE THING YOU OWN. You slip on your swimsuit, wrap skirt you just bought for $10, flops and a hat.

And when you need to poop IMMEDIATELY in a National Forest and there is no restroom nearby, you bag it. Good thing we stocked up on dog poo bags!

And we carry chalk to leave camping tips for cyclists, or a good joke on a long stretch of road. "What's brown and sticky?"


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