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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Kansas Sky

We've heard a lot of mixed things about Kansas. Kansas is awful. Kansas is great. Headwinds, tailwinds, city pools, relentless heat. For us, so far, Kansas has been pretty dang good.

We met a group of charming young gentlemen to ride with and we were, yes, the FIRST women they've seen on the TransAm. We thought this odd, since we've already seen women travelling solo, in groups of women and with spouses. And, of course, we're women too.

While we were excited to spice up the Kansas stretch with new company, Kansas surprised us with serious spice of its own: CRAZY LIGHTENING STORMS!

As you'll hear from many touring cyclists riding though Kansas: you can see a loooong ways in Kansas. This storm was so far away-- we could never hear the thunder.

The lightening storm was aboslutely nuts. It made not a sound, but would flicker..flicker..HOLEYMOLEY THAT WAS A BIG ONE! DIDYA SEE THAT ONE? I'd have to sit at this computer kiosk for at least an hour to figure out a way to remotely describe the deep giggling awe I felt at this tremendous natural phenomenon. And the funniest thing was-- the Kansans kept playing baseball! They weren't even phased. Although the announcer did slip an "Oh My Gosh" at one of the 'good ones'.

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