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Friday, April 24, 2009

Tour of Walla Walla Race Report

Two of my junior cyclists line up for their first night criterium!

Tour of Walla Walla
Race Report
  • Time Trial: I had a smooth time trial and went as fast as this year's training would let me go. Somehow, without high race fitness, I am finding it hard to really make myself REALLY suffer on the bike. I put in a good effort, though-- 26th out of 45, which felt about right. 
  • Criterium: Survival mode. I have not been in a criterium for TWO YEARS. When zooming around 8 corners with 70 women, sometimes accidents happen and I didn't want to be in any of them! I rode comfortably in the first chase group, but had no legs to be aggressive.
  • Road Race: oh, boy. My "power to weight ratio" isn't doing so great these days. I've lost muscle mass AND gained weight. Yikes! In college I had placed 13th in the road race out of the 1/2/3's.. this year, I got dropped the first time up the big hill. With no chance of catching the group, I rode home with two lovely ladies and then had a pulled porked sandwich at the local brewery followed by a Coca Cola. (And I don't usually drink soda!) But oh, it felt so good!
Best Parts of the Tour
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