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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Chit chat dissolves on the climb.

From my entry over on the CCY Junior Cycling Team blog:

Orchards, grapes in rows. Pruned neat.
Lower Dry Creek Road rolling up.
Caution over old rail tracks.
Shed extraneous layers, heat.
Hello, miniature ponies!
Tunnel: aWOOO!!
Chit chat dissolves on the climb.
Water break in Weston, Snickers bar sublime.
Chug up old Tollgate highway.
Inhale the view.
Blast back down banked corners.
Sprint for play.
Detour onto Blue Mtn. Sta. Rd.
Crackle gravel.
Butt behind the saddle.
Coast home.

To see the full entry, including the video, clickHERE.
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