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Friday, April 24, 2009

My Visit to TREK!

Why haven't I been posting for a week? I'VE BEEN IN WISCONSIN!

I wrote earlier that I had been selected as one of five TREK Women Who Ride. Being a WWR means that not only do I get a BEAUTIFUL, FAST and SMOoooOTH new bike and other fabulous gear from Trek-- but I also get to share my experiences on a blog that has a fairly large audience and help get more women on bikes. 

Getting people, particularly women,
on bikes is a primary life goal of mine--
and now Trek has a wonderful program
that I will be able to utilize
to further realize this goal.

And before you ask-- the new WWR aren't yet posted on the Trek website. Check again in a week or two.

What did we do in Wisconsin? WELL. Let me tell you.

We got all sorts of cool WOMEN'S CYCLING GEAR!

We got FITTED to our amazing BICYCLES!

We LEARNED about all sorts of things.

Here's Heather talking about
how women's bikes are different!

We got to RIDE
with a bunch of COOL WOMEN that work at TREK!

Oh, and there was a PHOTO SHOOT, some tasty DINNERS, the most amazing cafeteria, a factory TOUR, lots of chatting and meeting all the wonderful women that work at Trek!

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