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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

My $15 Motebecane!

I was cruisin' down Second Ave when I spied a YARD SALE and there were BIKES at this yard sale. I pulled over IMMEDIATELY and tried to keep my run to a walk. I casually perused the bicycles. One generic beat up mountain bike and one.. mixte Motebecane! I checked only a few things (how true are the wheels? do the brakes still have life? etc.) and determined that my average bike mechanic skills could take this project on. I then quickly justified ownership since "I always wanted a bike to wear a skirt on!" Reigning in my enthusiasm, I walked over to the yard sale owner, "how much for the bike?" "$15." Jumpin' George! don'tgettooexcited. don'tgettooexcited. "Okay."

And of course, how else do you get a yard sale bike home? Your Xtracycle. I was a tisch concerned since I didn't have my wideloaders with me (doh! I almost always bring them just in case.) and I had an audience. The entire Yard Sale family HAD to be watching me, I was sure. But I calmly laid the bike down on the snap deck, letting the front end hang off the back, and strapped it down with the 3 buckles on the Xtracycle and 2 bungees for good measure. Got it, first try. As I pedaled off into the sunset, I let that goofy smile burst onto my face and let out some good nerdy, self-satisfied chuckles. I didn't take the pictures until I got home, of course.

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