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Monday, June 9, 2008

Is it in the family?

My sister Rosanna, who got MARRIED this weekend (congratulations!! ..I'd post pictures but mom still has my camera..) runs the Group Health Bike MS Ride AND is the driving force behind Seattle Tailwind, a cycling club for women with active lifestyles. Wow. I think she was born for event promotion and planning because she does it in her work life AND her free time!

Her hubby Brian is a real leader on his team, Byrne Invent (Jet City Velo) and writes a blog on his racing and training with a bit of music and life mixed in.

And now my other sister Rachel, while she maintains that she's "not going to be hardcore" (which I assured her, it's okay!), will be selling her car and utilizing the bike and bus to get around so she can use her money on things that benefit her instead of gas, parking, insurance and car payments.

And I'm still working on my parents. :)

How did all these people get on bikes? I rode alongside my sister Rosanna in her first triathlon. Brian grew up riding with his father. Rachel is trying to save money. My parents, though not on bikes YET, are interested in the health aspects. And I just think it's plain fun and like to explore.
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