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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Spring Creek

Smith Rd.

Spring Creek Rd.

Length: 26 miles
Difficulty: Medium to Hard, depending on how fast you climb!

Description: Spring Creek is a favorite place of mine to go on a sunny day. The climb up Spring Creek is about 5 miles long and gradually steepens as you ascend. In herd-like clumps you will find various jagged trees that find creases in the land where water collects the most hospitable. And as the road turns you're always left thinking, "I think the pavement ends around this corner," but to either your delight or your misery, it never does.

Ride notes: Avoid this area during the cold/icy season. Parts are shaded and take a long time to thaw. There is currently a short section of gravel on Smith Rd., but it is so short (couple hundred meters) and there are enough good lines that it shouldn't be a bother. You may notice on the map that Sapolil East Rd. goes more directly to Spring Creek, but it too turns to gravel and for a much longer distance. Unless you're fond of the rocky stuff, stick to Smith Rd. which isn't terribly longer and just as beautiful anyhow. Spring Creek turns to gravel at the top- if you're a good gravel rider you can continue on to a network of other rides- otherwise, be nice to your road tires and enjoy the descent.

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