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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Kooskooskie/Mill Creek

Farms and fields along Mill Creek Rd.

Riding into the trees up Mill Creek Rd.
Length: 30 miles
Difficulty: Easy to Medium

This is a Walla Walla classic. If you had time to go on only one ride in Walla Walla, this just might be it. Spin past vineyards and farm yards and then escape into the shade of the cool wooded creek. A top choice for a hot day. It's a very gradual uphill on the way out and you won't be able resist speeding home in your big ring.

Ride notes: Do avoid during icy or bug season. In the morning you might get a headwind both ways, but otherwise the tailwind usually favors the way home. This route follows the Mill Creek bike path. A nice detour is to turn onto Tausick (which you have to cross to stay on the bike path) towards the airport for some locally roasted java @ Walla Walla Roastery.

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