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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Why I went to Xterra US Nationals

I went to Xterra* US Nationals.

*Xterra is an off-road triathlon: swim, mountain bike, trail run.

It's sorta funny how it happened. I tried Xterra Black Diamond on a whim. Ended up at Xterra Portland by accident. And I qualified* for Nationals by surprise.

*(it's not terribly difficult to qualify, as Xterra is still a small sport).

Many people who qualify for Nationals don't actually go to Nationals.

So why did I go to Nationals?

Did I think that I could win my age group? Maybe if I had a REALLY great day.

Did I think I could place in my age group? Maybe if I had a really GOOD day.

Did I think that it would be really fun, expanding experience? Absolutely; even on a slow day.

I had a slow day; but I still loved it. One of the hardest athletic things I've done juxtaposed in some of the most eye-popping landscape on which I've had the privilege to lay tire tracks.

Totally awesome.
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