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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Giro Donne

Even if you're not a cyclist
   ...you probably know that the Tour de France is going on right now. 

If you are a cyclist
   ...you probably know that Lance Armstrong is in it.

If you are a very avid [road] cyclist
   ...you probably know that Andy Schleck has a good chance this year.

There are, after all-- an overbearing amount of resources to get your Men's Tour de France news:

  • magazines devoted to entirely to previews
  • highlight reels
  • interviews
  • technical articles
  • helicopter shots
  • race recaps and analysis
  • and for $29.99, get it every minute of it streamed to your computer.

Unfortunately, you probably don't know that the hardest women's stage race-- the Giro Donne (Women's Giro d' Italia) just concluded and the best female climber in the world-- Mara Abbott-- just became the first American to take home the pink jersey (and it's not pink just because they're women, thank God!).

Cycling history was just made-- but, oh, what did Mark Cavendish have for breakfast? Is his book tour distracting him from training?

So no, I'm not watching the Men's Tour de France-- because the amount of coverage in contrast to the women's depresses and disgusts me.

I want to punch the Men's Tour de France in the balls-- because if Mara had them, we'd all be watching.


Anonymous said...

I want to punch the Men's Tour de France in the balls


As a former TdF fan-boy, I can appreciate your sentiment, since I too had no idea the Giro Donne was even running. [He reaches for his titanium cod-piece...]

In the last decade or so I've become become quite a fan of women's sports. I think women bring more spirit to the game, especially at the amateur level. It seems to me that guys play because they "have to", whereas the women do so because they want to. And it shows.

Back in 1999 (?), I spectated the Colorado state Women's Crit Championships in Colorado Springs. I meandered to a section of the course that had a long, slow climb (for a crit, anyway...). At one point, one of the Saturn women had broken away and I was there as she hammered up that hill out of the saddle. There was no traffic and no other spectators on that stretch. Just her and me. I could hear her breathing like a steam locomotive as she raced past and I couldn't help but think, "Holy crap!!" And I was hooked.

Just before the 2010 Winter Olympics, my wife and I got tickets to the US Women's National Hockey Team exhibition game against Finland. Another "Holy crap!!" moment. Until then, I'd had no idea of the magnitude of women's hockey programs in the US and Canada. We Tivo'ed as many of the women's Olympic hockey games as we could, and shed a couple tears as the US lost to Canada in the finals. Now my wife is a fan, too!

So, yeah, I empathize with your frustration -- and I obviously still have more to learn.

Keep up the good work!


BTW, my wife just bought her first road bike a couple weeks ago. A Trek 520. And she's as enamored with it as you appear to be with yours. Now if I can just get her to take a couple weekend tours with me maybe I can convince her that I need to repeat my TranAm tour -- only not solo this time!

Katharine said...

Mara rocks my world :) You should be her press rep.
See you at the track soon.. I promise!

Jim said...


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