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Friday, May 14, 2010

More Track Racing

So.. after my first Thursday night of racing (last week), I left the track confident. I made moves, they stuck (sometimes unintentionally) and I won. I was batting 100% and felt like I hadn't even kicked in my 5th gear yet. 

Based on last Thursday, I thought I had more gas and horsepower than the entire group-- which surprised me, since my legs are uber-endurance right now.. I mean, I got 4,200 miles of base this summer! On an 85lb rig! And I'm certainly haven't been training to race road (stage races, criteriums and such). With the slight exception of a casual cyclocross season, I haven't raced with focus since college (class of '07). I was pleasantly shocked to find I had any juice at all!

But really, what happened last Thursday-- I was patient and sat in for the first half of the race, made my move, then the group was too disorganized to nab me. Patience + smarts + speed + luck = win.

But last night? Oh last night, revenge was paid upon me and I got SPANKED-- Hagens Berman, I'm looking at you! 

Here are just SOME of the things I did wrong:
  • I was not patient.
  • I didn't hold my wheels. (I let people edge me out and take my place).
  • I did WAY too much work on the front for no good reason.
  • I didn't position well for the sprints.
  • Once I didn't HOLD MY LINE. (Ride straight.) (Sorry!)
  • I marked (chased after) moves that I should have left and didn't mark moves I should have met.
  • Once again-- I rode an extra lap after one of the races finished. I even brought someone with me! :) 
  • And I need to figure out when it's okay to "pass underneath," because most times it is NOT OKAY to pass on the inside.. except in a few gray area situations.
I'll let the video evidence say the rest:

*sigh. Well, time to go hit the track! Gonna get in a workout before watching the fast folks race.

Love to my ladies in Group 1. You're awesome. (and I'm sure you Group 2 ladies are nice as well.)

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