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Friday, May 21, 2010

Light Up!


What I LOVE about my Down Low Glow: well, first of all-- it's FUN to ride on a cloud of light. And if you like compliments-- you'll get lots. 

From a safety standpoint, it creates 360 degrees of visibility. The DLG lights YOU up, so that instead of looking like a moving dot (like a typical blinky light), you look like a moving PERSON on a BIKE. 

The DLG also lights up the space on the ground AROUND you, causing drivers, whether consciously or not, to give you more space, because your space, again, is defined to be bigger than a dot. 

It's also great SIDE visibility. When cruising down an arterial, I'm always having staring contests with drivers waiting on side streets to pull into my lane. I want to make sure they know that I'm there. With the DLG, sometimes they'll actually wait for me to pass just so they can stare at my light!

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