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Thursday, December 24, 2009

That's it! A bell!

A Jelly Bell! 

During the holiday season, people seem to shop not only for friends and family, but for themselves and their pets as well. I decided that my BICYCLE needed a Christmas present just as much as your cat.

And I found the perfect Christmas gift to my bicycle: a bicycle bell, for cheerful greetings on the bike path.

Unfortunately, most bells only fit a very thin bar, like a children's handle bar. I had to do some 'hacking' to get it to fit. Yes, there are some other bells on the market that would fit.. and 'classier' ones at that.. but I wanted THIS bell. The Jelly Bell. It's just the right kind of bell for this bike. 

This is the end product, mounted at the end of my drop bars near my shifter. I have my mirror mounted here on the other side, so I know that I don't mind having an accessory take up space here.

This is what used to be there! I ended up totally dismembering the plastic band.

And how did I do it?

I melted it off (and melted a hole for the zip tie) by heating up a screwdriver on the stove.
My dad's idea.
Love my dad.

To you and your bicycles.

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