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Friday, December 11, 2009

My Blog Roll

  I'm in the mood for some shout-outs, since all these bike blog contests have me feeling all warm and fuzzy about bike bloggers. Of the blogs I read, very few see any real financial profit from their efforts. Most bloggers are blogging to blog. It is evident that while we write 'for others,' often we write for ourselves. 
  Posting about that EPIC ride may rouse your readers to discover their own adventure-- but it also, I feel, puts an onus on the blogger. An onus to revisit adventure, discovery, camaraderie-- over and over again. I find that when my blog is quiet, my bicycling life is quiet (or so intense that I haven't got 'round to a computer to talk about it!)-- and I feel that tug in my brain and my heart that says, "hey! You need an adventure to blog about! Go find one!" Not every adventure includes riding across the country, per se-- but certainly adventure can be found in something as simple as discovering full service bicycle parking or putting the bike on the bus for the first time. Or at least that's the way I feel about it.
  So without further ado-- I shout out to a few of my fellow bloggers!

I have to say-- Bike Hacks is just fun. It's about solving bike problems with zip ties, duct tape and things found in the trash. While I wouldn't do 95% of the ideas on there to my bike-- it sure is fun to read about the creativity people exude! 

You've gotta love Meli. She adores espresso (gold star), wears bright, colorful clothes (gold star) and takes bright, colorful photos (gold star) and she rides a 'town' bike AND a roadie (five gold stars from RJ!). And I like her cat.

A family guy, who rides in Eastern Wa (I spent 6 years there) and even being a bike nut-- tries to cut down on how much 'stuff' he has. And I like his cat.

Pretty much everybody reads EcoVelo, right? It's our source for commuter bike eye candy. And epic photo contests. Not sure if he has a cat, though.

Takes rad pictures, rides an Xtracycle, and awarded me a Sigg bottle for submitting the winning 'name' for his Xtracycle! ("Soots!")

A new discovery of mine-- this family rocks a Madsen (if an Xtra and a Bakfiets had a lovechild). Enough said.

These aren't ALL the bike blogs I read, of course-- but they are a few favorites. :)

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