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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Two Contest Wins!

I have not one, but TWO online contest wins to announce! 

ONE is at Jerome's Bikes
Jerome rides bikes, owns an Xtra and takes photos that'll make you pause even while you're zooming around the internet like an antsy-nancy. Thus I subscribe to his blog and took note of his ("first-ever") contest! The goal was to name a new member to his family: an Xtracycle.

I was on it.

Besides, Jerome was giving away a SIGG bottle (scrub brush and tablets included!). I SO wanted to rock a Sigg on my commuter bike.

You can see all the entires, including my winning entry, at his blog HERE.

TWO is at EcoVelo. 
(And you ALL subscribe to EcoVelo, right??) Now, before you think that I'm hogging the podium for online bicycle-related contests (I did win a Trek 5.1 Madone after all!), it wasn't *I* that won this contest, but my riding buddy from this summer's bicycle tour across the country. I just happen to be the good-lookin' lady that's in the picture. [GRIN.]

Her photo of me dipping my bike in Atlantic waters (the conclusion of our trip) garnered honorable mention-- and because everybody loves EcoVelo, EVERYTHING on the prize list is awesome! 

The award is also a humorous punch line to an ongoing argument between the two of us. This summer, I took tons and tons of photos on our cross-country bike tour, as I am quite the shutter-bug-- but we'd be standing at the same spot on the side of the road taking photos of the same mountains, then she'd look over at me, I'd look at her, and we realized that it was a waste of memory cards to take the same photo on two cameras. Then she concluded that I "take better photos anyway" so I was left to take a majority of the photos on the trip! Then I would gripe about not being IN as many photos and our friendly argument would continue in circles. 

THEN. At the end of our trip.. she took just about the best photo of me ever, which apparently, is supposed to make up for the lack of quantity. 

And I think it does.
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