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Monday, May 4, 2009

You're TWICE as likely to die driving a car than riding a bicycle

Alan over at EcoVelo just posted these statistics from Failure Analysis Associates. I've been looking for something like this. When I am talking to someone who is considering bicycle commuting, one of the most familiar "but" excuses I hear is, "but it just seems so dangerous!" The best I ever could come up with was, 
well, it's all about the routes you choose and being a smart cyclist. And I feel like I'm safer on a bike anyway-- I ride like cars can't see me and am less prone to take the risks we take in cars.. and I'm sure there are some statistics somewhere that show that driving is probably more dangerous anyway.. and you get better long term health from riding a bike...

WELL. Here are those statistics I've been grabbing for! You're twice as likely to die while driving a car-- but you don't say, "oh, I don't want to drive to work.. it just seems so dangerous!"

Activity Fatalities Per Million Hours
  • Skydiving 128.71
  • General Aviation 15.58
  • On-road Motorcycling 8.80
  • Scuba Diving 1.98
  • Living (all causes of death) 1.53
  • Swimming 1.07
  • Snowmobiling .88
  • Automobile Driving .47
  • Water Skiing .28
  • Bicycling .26
  • Flying (domestic airlines) .15
  • Hunting .08
Bicycling also provides long term health benefits that driving doesn't. It's also a LOT better for the health of the environment. And it's just more fun.
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