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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bicycle Tour Clothing Packing List

In less than two weeks, I will be bicycle touring across the U.S. My best friend and I will hit some seriously varied terrain: 
  • Oregon Coast
  • Eastern Oregon, Idaho
  • Missoula, MT
  • Yellowstone, WY
  • Rockies of CO
  • Eastern CO, Kansas
  • Missouri, Kentucky, Virginia

Even though I'm touring in the summer (May31-end of August), the greatly varied terrain requires that I be prepared for both hot and cold. High elevation and rain storms are two good reasons to pull on a long sleeve mid-weight wool jersey or a rain jacket. The barren sections of Oregon, Idaho and Wyoming are good reasons to take almost everything off! At the same time, I've tried to be as "reasonably" lightweight as possible and choose items that work both on and off the bike or are flexible for another reason (such as arm warmers, which are small and can quickly change your warmth).

Alright. Too much, too little, just right? There are only a few 'unresolved issues' left: hands and rain paints. 

To me, this looks like a fairly scant list, with a few luxury items: 
  • arm skins (weigh nothing and take zero space)
  • a jersey (I gotta represent Trek WWR! Holla!)
  • cycling cap or beanie (this is arguably a bit redundant)
  • the visor (this cools me way off in hot weather)
  • too many socks (but I like to be nice to my feet). 
  • One luxury item I recently kicked off the list was my Patagonia synthetic down vest that's thin and packs way down (for a down vest). I had thought of it as my "emergency layer for guaranteed warmth," but I can layer up under my rain jacket or just get into my sleeping bag if it's that cold up in the mountains. The vest could make a comeback, though. I'm rather fond of it.
Okay, here it is!:

  • 2 sports bras
  • a synthetic shirt
  • a thin wool shirt (cool even in hot weather)
  • a WWR jersey
  • ..kinda tempted to bring a tank top, too. You know-- for the tan.
  • arm skins (SPF protection and COOLS you off rather than keep you warm)
  • arm warmers
  • long sleeve wool jersey, medium weight
  • wind jacket
  • rain jacket

  • 3 pairs of underwear
  • two pairs of cycling shorts
  • gym shorts
  • synthetic knickers
  • knee warmers
  • 50/50 wool/poly long john/tights
  • Probably not rain pants.. but MAYBE some quick-drying MUSA pants.

  • shortie bike gloves
  • and.. a windproof? a liner AND windproof?

  • helmet. duh.
  • cycling cap-- keeps rain out of eyes
  • beanie-- keeps whole body warm and a back up for a wet cycling cap
  • visor > I love this visor in hot sunny weather, so it's coming!
  • sunglasses, with a light and dark lens set

  • 2 thin short cycling socks, hot weather
  • 1 thin tall wool socks, cool weather
  • 1 thicker tall wool socks, cold weather and post-rain ride
  • cycling shoes
  • booties
  • Keen sandals
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