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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sometimes it IS peaches!

I recently wrote a post about a totally botched bike commute. Just nothing went right. It all wanted to go wrong.

Well, sometimes it goes the other way!

I was out orienteering (WWW.CASCADEOC.ORG) in Shoreline and planned to meet my friends afterward for grub and drinks, then ride/bus home.

The directions were easy-- turn right on Greenwood and keep going 'til you get there!

The traffic wasn't bad-- 4-lane arterials are usually terrible for cycling, but I took my lane and there didn't seem to0 much traffic going my direction... I didn't feel cramped or rushed. It was rad.

I pull up to Naked City (it has nothing to do with being naked! It's just extremely good beer!), but don't have a lock with me, so I park my bike in the window and sit at the table in front of it. Problem solved.

Friends show up, I have an awesome scotch ale and great sandwich, we chat, pay the tab and I change into my bike gear. The plan is to ride to Mercer Island, then catch the express bus home.

I ride in the cool, damp night-- well lit by my awesome lights. Breath vivid, skylines supreme, sweat light.. and pull up to the Mercer Island Park & Ride. My bus shows up in 10 minutes.


What a seamless ride.

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