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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Jamis Supernova Cyclocross Bike For Sale - $950


Glad to know that a young person will have many happy miles on this!

In an effort to thin my stable of bikes..

A 2008 frameset that retailed for $1000, + Ultegra and Easton Circuit SL wheels.. $950.

Size 48cm (fits ~ 5'3" to 5'5", roughly. I'm 5'4".)

Only one season of cyclocross on it-- plus some adventuresome road miles and commuting. But I mostly ride my Trek 520-- as you will discover if you read the rest of this blog. :)

The rims are showing wear, but still have another wet season or two before needing a rebuild. The bearings were recently replaced.

Also comes with Shimano SPD pedals (probably M540?) and a 46t FSA chainring (currently has 50, for a road set-up. Use the 46 for off-road).

This bike also features a slanted, flat underside on the top tube-- perfect for shouldering it!
Whether cyclocross racing or just getting your bike up the stairs-- it's comfy!

Comes with "grass" tires.

For another $50, you can also have some Michelin Mud tires (half off retail!).
One unused, one hardly used!

This bike is great for the indecisive-- the jack and jill of all-trades.

A great starter bike for someone wanting to crack into road cycling; a nice, light racer for someone who wants to try cyclocross; or a quick and capable commuter for someone who wants to ride to work!
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