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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Giro Donne

Even if you're not a cyclist
   ...you probably know that the Tour de France is going on right now. 

If you are a cyclist
   ...you probably know that Lance Armstrong is in it.

If you are a very avid [road] cyclist
   ...you probably know that Andy Schleck has a good chance this year.

There are, after all-- an overbearing amount of resources to get your Men's Tour de France news:

  • magazines devoted to entirely to previews
  • highlight reels
  • interviews
  • technical articles
  • helicopter shots
  • race recaps and analysis
  • and for $29.99, get it every minute of it streamed to your computer.

Unfortunately, you probably don't know that the hardest women's stage race-- the Giro Donne (Women's Giro d' Italia) just concluded and the best female climber in the world-- Mara Abbott-- just became the first American to take home the pink jersey (and it's not pink just because they're women, thank God!).

Cycling history was just made-- but, oh, what did Mark Cavendish have for breakfast? Is his book tour distracting him from training?

So no, I'm not watching the Men's Tour de France-- because the amount of coverage in contrast to the women's depresses and disgusts me.

I want to punch the Men's Tour de France in the balls-- because if Mara had them, we'd all be watching.

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