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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Riding in Paint

Riding in Seattle is growing on me. It won't ever produce the quiet meditation that Walla Walla can. Riding in Walla Walla is like riding through a Rothko painting. Two, three broad strokes of color, plus texture, body encompassing size and a vibration that will blow your mind.

Riding in Seattle is more like riding through a Kandinsky painting. There is SO MUCH going on. You want to go this way, that way, see this, see that, follow that line, melt into that color-- and you find, that somehow, it isn't just a flat canvas, but that it actually makes NOISE-- you can actually HEAR the painting-- rumbling and shivering. The painting is in perpetual motion, as if that black line had twitched since you last looked away and you brace yourself for calamity of colors colliding.

And that's pretty exciting. Diverse. One minute you're in this neighborhood, that neighborhood-- then you wander, saunter over here, but WAIT-oh, this way.. then that leads to the next thing, and look at this little detail..

I love the calm of Walla Walla, but I am just starting to feel the pulse of Seattle.
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