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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things I Learned on Tour

TransAmerica Bicycle Tour, Looking Back: Things I Learned

I am both more capable and more vulnerable than I ever knew.
After pedaling over 4,000 miles to the east coast, swimming in Atlantic waters leaves one empowered. If I can adventure by leg power and good wits across a continent, what else can I do? What's next? BRING IT ON!

Swimming in Atlantic waters can also leave you a bit cocky.
I can do ANYTHING now!!

That over confidence, fortunately, is tempered by wind, rain, lightening storms, cruel climbs, hairy descents, mechanical problems, impatient drivers, hungry stomachs and sores in very unfortunate places. For three months we were

e x  p    o        s       e    d .

While we did travel successfully and smartly through many remote places, it only took one bum tire in Booneville, KY to realize-- CRAP. This trip could fall apart as instantly and unexpectedly as this tire.

We met a cool kid in Virginia who had.. ALMOST.. ridden across the country. Only ONE WEEK away from finishing, he and his friend became dehydrated to the point of puking. It ended their trip.

So as we neared the coast, only days away from finishing-- I just kept reminding myself. It just isn't over yet. Every single day takes both determination and luck. Every day.

But, boy. When you-- if you do-- you look back and see. DAAAAng. I woke up each morning with determination and luck on my side (okay, maybe I wasn't so determined EVERY morning. Especially at the end there, I thought real seriously about renting a car and sagging Mia for a day because that dang knee, you know.). Anyhow. I woke up each morning and DID IT! Even if by just barely. WE did it. 

I am, we are-- more capable and more vulnerable than we know.

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