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Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post-Car Adventuring, for the JOY of it

Post Car Adventuring provides "ideas and information for car-free trips to (mostly natural) areas commonly thought be to inaccessible without a personal vehicle." Visit their blog or buy their newly released book on adventuring in the San Franciso area.

From the authors:
The goal is not ideological environmental asceticism and/or anti-car militancy, but pleasure while engaged in environmentally and socially-responsible practices– in-line with what the environmental philosopher Kate Soper has called a ‘hedonistic environmentalism’ where human happiness and comfort is not ground under a radical-Jainist wheel of self-abnegation in the interest of decreasing personal carbon footprints.
--Post Car Press

Thank you!! I don't know if I could have said it better. Through my self-reflections and reporting on this blog, I've come to articulate to myself that the kind of bike commuter, environmentalist, friend and person that I want to be (but haven't always been) isn't self-flagellating. Interestingly enough, it's not only an inward paradigm shift, but a fight against an environmentalist stereotype that is inaccessible and elitist. It's incredibly annoying to borrow a suburban for whatever reason, only to have car-driving folk crow, "Ooooh! You drove an S.U.Veeeeee," in victory, as if the entire reason I ride my bike all the time is just to spite them. How about this:

Maybe I LIKE riding my bike.

Maybe I find it enriching.

And maybe I can eat more cookies.

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