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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Collegiate Nationals!

A quick review of the 2008 Collegiate Road Cycling Nationals with the Whitman Cycling team..

18 hours in the car is actually preferred to half the time on the plane.

The boys were late to their team time trial- oops!

The ladies were 1 second out of 3rd place with a THREE lady team (teams usually have 4 riders).

The road race was EPIC. Climb after climb after climb. And those babies were STEEP. It was also especially windy. I'm telling you- it was epic. KENDI GOT SECOND!!!? Devon11, Mia 17. Wow, wow. Zac hung on with his teeth to keep in the top 50. Colin fell only just outside of 50, while Ben pulled out to save his muscle fibers for the criterium.

We stopped at the thrift store before the banquet on Saturday night. We got LOTS of compliments.

The criterium was fast, flat and exciting. Ben, unfortunately, folded his chain in the final lap, Colin was taken out (and is fine) by an MIT rider and Zac, after his awesome performance on Saturday, fell off pace but was glad to have all of his teeth intact. (He lost half of one in the last criterium he was in..) Kendi flippin' GOT SECOND AGAIN after dominating the primes. Mia was fantastic support throughout and put out some real flamin' attacks (I have one on tape!), including a vicious one in the final lap. Devon finished strong.

Kendi TIED for the individual omnium, but the title was given to another lady who scored 1st in the road race and 4th in the criterium. In my mind, 2nd + 2nd is better than 1st + 4th. Kendi's the real winner. Kendi's only a sophomore, though. The other girl is 27.

And then we drove home. :)
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